Eurosport nutrition – Energy Bar

  • Flavours: Cherry, Apple
  • Content: 45 grams
  • Provides about 32 grams of carbohydrates

While Eurosport nutrition’s Oat Bar is intended for gradually released energy, the Energy Bar is designed for a quick energy boost. This Energy Bar has the crucial 2:1 ratio (a ratio containing twice as much glucose as fructose). Glucose (also known as dextrose or grape sugar) is the body’s most important energy generator. It’s a delicate ratio. With regular nutrition a person can consume up to about 60 grams of sugar per hour. With the 2:1 ratio between glucose and fructose, this can increase to 70 to 80 grams. As a result, the energy level of the body is a lot higher.

At Eurosport nutrition, health comes first. Therefore the Energy Bar consists of all natural ingredients. The main difference between Eurosport nutrition and many other brands is that it contains no artificial sweeteners. It does however contain a natural sweetener (stevia). Eurosport nutrition is made with fresh ingredients, which also means fresh fruit is added. The Energy Bar has a crunchy bite and a perfectly balanced taste: not too mild and not too predominant. The bar is soft and chewy.

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