Eurosport nutrition has a new ambassador: none other than Fabian “Spartacus” Cancellara has joined forces with the high-end sports nutrition brand. At home, in Bern, Spartacus never gets on his bike without Eurosport nutrition. With his expertise he contributes to the further development of the company’s products. Eurosport nutrition, affiliated with the leading television sports network, has been available across Europe since the beginning of this year.

“I made my debut in the professional peloton with the famous Mapei team. All of a sudden, I rode alongside the greatest of that time; actual winners who had already achieved so much, and from whom I wanted to learn. At the time, the use of sports nutrition was still in its infancy. Today, energy bars, gels and sports drinks are essential in both the professional and amateur world of sports. I have experienced the evolution and use of sports nutrition up close. With Eurosport nutrition I hope to share my knowledge and experience with other athletes, so that everyone can get the very best out of their passion for sports.”

Sports nutrition is crucial

Cancellara, who is reigning time trial Olympic champion and one of the most successful road bicycle racers of all time, cycles with Eurosport nutrition. He provides valuable feedback which enables Eurosport nutrition to always create the best possible products. Now and again the “Locomotiva di Berna” will share his knowledge about the use of sports nutrition through Eurosport nutrition’s channels. “Whether it’s the 50 kilometers solo in Paris-Roubaix in 2010 or the time trial victories in the Tour de France, sports nutrition has always been crucial to me. “Regular” cyclists, runners, triathletes, speed skaters, soccer players and many other athletes can also benefit from it, provided they use it correctly. I would love to help them do that.”